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21 Day Sweet Spot Cleanse- Spring 2024

Apr 1, 2024 - Apr 30, 2024


The bloat, digestive issues and weight gain have steadily been piling on over the years. You feel sluggish, depleted, and even brain fog. You’ve worked really hard watching what you eat and sweating it out at the gym, but saw no real improvement. Feeling happier, healthier, and more comfortable in your body shouldn’t be this hard. Doctors don’t know why - all they can say is “try harder” or “it’s part of old age. It can get quite frustrating. It’s not your fault! We do so much to stress our bodies unknowingly which leads to belly fat, toxins, and inflammation - leaving us feeling BLAH. There’s a lot of misconception about healthy eating - that it requires sacrifice and being deprived of the foods you love. Not true. Instead, it’s about taking small steps and eating in a way that balances blood sugar, eliminates craving, gives you natural energy, and is naturally sweet - that’s the Sweet Spot. The 21 Day Sweet Spot Cleanse is a way of eating that leads to: - Increased energy. - Elimination of belly bloat. - A decrease in belly fat. - Clearer thinking. - Improved sleep. - Fewer hormone-triggered symptoms. - Feeling and looking younger. - A happier outlook and greater enjoyment of life. The 21 Day Sweet Spot schedule: Prep Week: April 1-7 10 Day Cleanse: April 8-17 Sweet Transition: April 18-21 This is a fully guided and supportive experience from the comfort of your home. Lessons are online and delivered to your inbox daily. It is safe for everyone.

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The Sweet Spot Community

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