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Getting Back with Alli Cost

The Master Instructor Returns

Saturday, December 4, 2021


Get (a healthier, stronger) Back into Your Life

At one time or another, and to varying degrees, we all get knocked down by illness, injury or other difficult circumstances, and we need a way to get back up, a way that doesn't inflict harmful side-effects but makes us stronger, and maybe even better in some other ways, than before.

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go--they merely determine where you start. Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want."

That is one of Alli Cost's favorite quotes, and it relates well to what we aim to accomplish here at True Line Fitness. We may not be able to fix everything from our yesterdays, but we can certainly take an honest look--take stock, that is-- and begin to make the changes necessary to improve our todays and tomorrows.

It's often simple, but it's hardly ever easy.

With Foundation Training we practice over and over again, not because we're slow to learn but because we know that it's through repetition--through the repeated practice of healthy movement patterns (and habits)--that we can begin to carry those patterns (and habits) throughout our days and into other areas of our lives.

We are proud to host Alli as she brings her considerable talent and experience once again to True Line Fitness. This one-hour Foundation Training class is designed to improve our form and practical understanding of healthy biomechanics. For more about Alli's background and experiences and why we're so doggone excited to practice with her, please visit here: Meet Alli Cost

Alli learns best when she knows the agenda in advance. Many of us learn better that way too. So with her encouragement we are giving you this sneak peak:

Class Agenda

Round 1 (approx. 23 minutes)

Lunge decompression



Reverse archer Round 2 (approx. 22 minutes) Prone decompression

Anchored back extension

Prone decompression

Modified 8-point plank

Round 3 (15 minutes) Q&A

Hope to see you there!

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