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The Power of Breath

“Take three breaths, you will feel better.”

Growing up I used this strategy when I found myself in stressful situations. When I felt overwhelmed before a presentation or a competitive swimming race, I closed my eyes and took three breaths. While those breaths helped, they were not efficient. They were shallow, nervous breaths, that provided a psychological band aid to get through whatever nerve wrecking situation I was about to step into. They were not deep; they did not calm me down. I was merely going through the motions.

Decompression breathing from Foundation Training changed my life. When I first listened to Dr. Eric Goodman explain the value of incorporating deep rooted breathing into essential movement patterns something clicked. While I saw myself as a healthy human being, I realized I was barely scratching the surface when it came to breathing. I had so much more potential. Our lungs are powerful. The rib cage is meant to be expanded in every direction. We have the power to create space in our body and maintain that space with the incredible foundation that decompression breathing provides.

Now, when I feel overwhelmed, I still take my breaths, but they are deep, decompression breaths, that help. I have Foundation Training to thank for that.

Join us for our Back to Basics Event with Master Instructor Alli Cost on Saturday October 9th at 9am CDT. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn how you can change your breathing patterns, through the power of Decompression Breathing.

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1 Comment

Nan Fey
Nan Fey
Oct 03, 2021

Nice piece, Jenner. As a fellow swimmer from a very young age, I've always found ways to match movement to breath during exercise, but decompression breathing has added a whole new dimension.

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