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Stand Up to Gravity

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Gravity can be friend or foe. Without gravity, an astronaut's body loses strength. The human body needs resistance to stay strong. We don't need many tools, or any tools in fact, we can just use gravity. We earthbound creatures experience the effects of gravity constantly and the results can be good or bad for our health, depending on whether we practice resisting or not. Left unresisted, gravity will work against us, robbing us of our health and vitality by literally dragging us down and compressing us.

But if we take the time and make the effort, we can use gravity to our advantage, and even gain strength, wellbeing and quite possibly longevity too. With Foundation Training, we learn to align our bodies and move them in ways that limit the damaging effects of compression and faulty alignment, reducing pain, injury, inflammation, limitation, degenerative changes, and the physical and mental depression that often compound those conditions.

Join us for class this week. Learn and practice with us as we use gravity to create positive tension and tone in our bodies, awakening our muscles, reminding and retraining them to carry us around instead of parking on our skeletons. Experience the benefits of properly resisting gravity.

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