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Our Foundation Training Instructors

Our Team *
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Jenner McLeod


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Jenner's passion for education and experience as a competitive swimmer make her a virtual pro! 

As a former collegiate athlete, Jenner knows the importance of embracing both physical and mental elements of fitness. Since encountering Foundation Training in 2012, Jenner has experienced positive changes to her swimming stroke, posture, and overall well-being. Throughout her athletic career, she utilized Foundation Training as a tool in injury prevention and recovery. Today, Jenner’s practice continues to play an integral role in her daily life, as she finds it to be the most effective tool in grounding her body and focusing her mind. More specifically, the decompression breathing component of the practice has transformed her mental health, and she is forever grateful for the deep and lasting impacts of this work. 

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Suzanne Alexander, MD


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Suzanne is a Certified Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor with 10 years of teaching experience. She is also a busy wife, mother, grandmother and lover of animals, especially her horses, dogs and donkeys. She is a retired MD.

Suzanne struggled with classic desk-jockey posture (forward shoulders and head position) and scoliosis, making it nearly impossible to ride her horses in good balance. After searching for years she was introduced by a friend to Mona. Within a few months of practicing Foundation Training with Mona, Suzanne knew she'd found a way to make things better for her horses and herself. Foundation Training was a powerful tool for unfurling her posture and improving her balance and biomechanics. Today she is a more harmonious and effective rider thanks to Foundation Training. Her horses appreciate it--and she does too! She observes that her Foundation Training friends seem younger, as if they just shrug the years off.


Linda Guanti


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Linda is a Certified Level 2 Foundation Training instructor with a lifelong love of movement and health. She is also an FRC Mobility Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Medical Imaging Technologist and Steward of Horses. 

Linda Guanti is a Certified Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, FRC Mobility Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Medical Imaging Technologist and Steward of Horses. Her journey into health care began with her own journey of healing from spinal fractures she incurred in her teens, the absence of rehabilitation and the subsequent disc injuries afterwards.  The mainstream medical system method of medication and potential surgery did not resonate with her and she spent many years exploring different 'alternative' methods which offered some relief but she remained limited and in pain. It wasn't until she found Foundation Training that her life truly turned around. She recognized its benefits almost immediately and went to one of the first Certification Trainings in 2013. After FT she finally felt able to try new sports, be as active as she had dreamed, go through pregnancy and have a child (now 7yrs old). Linda believes that the human body is far more powerful and adaptive than you can imagine. Drawing on over 25yrs of Health Care and teaching experience she is passionate about sharing with others this invaluable information on what and why imbalances may be occurring in your body and these accessible tools that are for 'every body'. 

What people say

What people say

Jim T.

“True Line Fitness is a wonderful resource for folks looking to maintain or improve mobility, flexibility and muscle tone.  The instructors have extensive understanding of body mechanics and appropriate exercises to strengthen core muscles and structures, which also helps reduce the chances of injury due to slips or falls.  While lower back injuries used to be a common problem for me, those problems are becoming a distant memory as muscles that keep me upright and mobile are definitely stronger and more resilient due to the exercises I’ve learned in these classes."

Jo M.

​ "True Line Fitness classes are making this 70-year old feel confident, proud and strong! Confident because I know we work on the muscles that keep me balanced and upright. A few slips on the ice this winter didn’t land me on my back. I’m proud that my posture is taller and more vigorous-looking than in years past. I can shovel snow or compost when I want to, carry equipment up and down my stairs - I feel strong.  Instructors are knowledgeable so I get clear instruction but also learn about the mechanics of my body.  They challenge me but remind me to be safe and go at my own speed and they make exercising fun. Website booking and the frequency of classes make it easy to schedule multiple classes each week.  Thank you Trueline Fitness. Love it!"

Karen B.

“I am a huge proponent of Foundation Training. I have become stronger, more aligned, and have greater balance. My posture is noticeably better. I came to Foundation Training some years ago with an old spinal injury which caused intermittent pain. I have created space in my spine and am no longer aware of the injury. I am 3/8 of an inch taller than when I began Foundation Training. My core muscles are noticeably stronger than before. My muscles have become long and lean. I have developed deep, discrete muscles. My doctor was interested in finding out what exercise form I was doing to develop such discrete and deep muscles. I am learning and utilizing new movement patterns for correct and safe moving, bending, lifting twisting, sitting, and driving. I have learned how to breathe. This was a game changer. A Foundation Training session leaves me mentally focused and physically energized. Both the practice of Foundation Training and the outstanding instruction of my teachers at True Line Fitness have allowed me to reach this level of health.

Our Story

Our story, briefly...

Mona Melms, RN, brought Foundation Training to the Madison area in 2012.


Mona was a warrior, a bright light and a leader in fitness. She was a wife, mother of young children and a highly respected nurse when cancer first struck her. From that time on she added personal fitness to her many causes. Recognizing that life takes strength, purpose and risk, she opened her first studio, Melt Studio, where she taught group fitness classes and offered one-on-one personal training.


In 2012, Mona attended the first ever Foundation Training instructor certification program, where she befriended Dr. Eric Goodman. Impressed with Foundation Training Method, Mona immediately began teaching it to others. She later opened a second studio, The Mona Method Studio, to better accommodate her growing group classes. It was in the studio setting that Jenner and Suzanne first encountered this beautiful powerhouse of a woman, and were drawn by her enthusiasm to Foundation Training.


Forever the encourager and collaborator, Mona gave Jenner and Suzanne opportunities to teach right alongside her. Cancer struck Mona a second time in 2017, and then again in 2020. For three decades she'd fought the good fight. With great dignity she encouraged her fellow instructors to keep going.


In 2019, Mona and Suzanne had met Linda Guanti while attending the Level 2 Foundation Training certification in Boulder, Colorado. Just weeks before she died, Mona achieved her Level 2 certification.


As part of Mona's enduring legacy, and especially in appreciation of her collaborative spirit, Jenner, Linda and Suzanne have joined together to keep each other sharp and to bring you high quality Foundation Training instruction. 


Keep shining, Mona! 

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