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physical therarpy for equestrians

with Dr. Allie Baier

Experience the EquiPT advantage! 

Access The EquiPT Video Library 

Foundation Video Set

Secure your riding foundation. This set includes essentials like breathing, shoulder position, rein aids, pelvic alignment and rider tone. 

$30.00 onetime purchase fee

Finesse Video Series

Continue to enhance and refine your riding skills with monthly videos that are topic oriented and designed to work as monthly riding goals. In addition, you will have full access to the Foundation Video Set.

$15.oo monthly reoccurring 


Meet Dr. Baier

Dr. Allie Baier is a Physical Therapist, clinician, and avid equestrian. Through clear education and understanding of the rider’s body, her clients can trust the feedback they receive within their body and from their horse. The EquiPT Foundational Series builds a strong basis of knowledge with Allie’s unique perspective. Think and feel like the rider you want to GROW to be with continued learning released each month that builds upon The EquiPT Foundational Series. The Finesse Level adds fresh learning videos each month delivered directly to you.

Dr. Allie Baier

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