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Foundation Training for swimmers 

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For swimmers (and coaches). Utilize Foundation Training to learn and practice healthy posture, breathing, and biomechanics. You will be guided through exercises that will specifically help you feel better in the water and in your life.



Online Consult for Athletes

For up to two swimmers. Foundation Training can help you reach your fitness and performance goals. This 30 minute consultation will provide you with personalized exercises that will improve your life in and out of the water. Incorporate FT into your daily training. Start today!



Online Consult for Coaches 

Individual. Foundation Training can help your athletes reach and even exceed their current fitness and performance goals. This 30 minute consultation will introduce you to alignment and breathing practices that will help your athletes improve their times while reducing their risk for injury. Incorporate FT into your training program today!

your instructor,

Jenner McLeod

Sixteen-Time All American

Division III National Championship Team (2014, 2015, 2016)

Kenyon College Team Captain (2017) 

Certified Instructor, Foundation Training since 2017

BA Kenyon College

MS University of Wisconsin-Madison-Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Owner, True Line Fitness


“The water has always been my happy place”


My name is Jenner. People say that swimming is one of the best things we can do for our body, its low impact nature and cardio benefits are hard to beat. However, I would challenge that statement and say that adding Foundation Training to your swimming routine is the best thing you can do. 


I began practicing Foundation Training in the summer of 2012 and I noticed immediate effects in the water. Could it have been a placebo effect? Perhaps. As a rising high school senior pursuing a collegiate swimming career I would have tried anything to keep me healthy. However, I knew Foundation Training was more than just another strength training exercise, it is a lifestyle choice that I knew would change the game. I noticed immediate improvements in my stroke through the postural, alignment, and breathing benefits of Foundation Training.


For the remainder of my swimming career I used Foundation Training to not only prevent but recover from two serious injuries. I became addicted to its benefits that I became a certified instructor in 2017 and have been teaching for over five years.


At the end of the day accolades do not matter. I like to remember the moments, the specific experiences growing up in the water. I give a lot of credit to Foundation Training for providing physical and mental clarity to make it through some long seasons and look back at my swimming career with fond memories despite some challenging times. 


Swimming has always been a part of my life, both as an athlete and as a coach. I am excited to combine two of my  passions: swimming and Foundation Training to teach current swimmers and coaches how they can incorporate this work into their program. 


EVERY body can benefit from Foundation Training. I look forward to connecting!

Contact Jenner

301 W. Beltline Hwy. Suite 103

Madison, WI 53713 

Thanks! We'll get back to you soon! 

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